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Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chqumadzi

Nielsen Booksellers’ Awards Shortlisted Book  Sweet medicine takes place in Harare at the height of Zimbabwe’s economic woes in 2008. Tsitsi, a young woman, raised by her strict, devout Catholic mother, believes that hard work, prayer and an education will ensure a prosperous and happy future. She does well at her mission boarding school, and goes on to obtain a scholarship to attend university, but the change in the economic situation in Zimbabwe destroys the old system where hard work and a degree guaranteed a good life. Out of university, Tsitsi finds herself in a position much lower than she had set her sights on, working as a clerk in the office of the local politician, Zvobgo. With a salary […]

Recipes for Love and Murder, published by Random House South Africa.

Nielsen Booksellers’ Awards Shortlisted Book Meet Tannie Maria: She’s fifty-something, short and soft (perhaps a bit too soft in the wrong places) with brown curls and untidy Afrikaans. She is also the agony aunt for the local paper, the Klein Karoo Gazette. One day, her life takes a sinister turn when a woman in the area is murdered and she becomes entangled in the investigation… to the intense irritation of a handsome local policeman. But what else will this amateur detective uncover in a small town marinated in secrets? Warm, poignant and entertaining, Sally Andrew’s delightful heroine blends together intrigue, romance and cooking in this irresistible new mystery, complete with a few mouth-watering recipes.

Little Suns by Zakes Mda is shortlisted for the Nielsen Booksellers' Choice Awards.

Nielsen Booksellers’ Awards Shortlisted Book ‘There are many suns,’ he said. ‘Each day has its own. Some are small, some are big. I’m named after the small ones.’ It is 1903. A lame and frail Malangana – ‘Little Suns’ – searches for his beloved Mthwakazi after many lonely years spent in Lesotho. Mthwakazi was the young woman he had fallen in love with twenty years earlier, before the assassination of Hamilton Hope ripped the two of them apart.

Immer Wes, by Irma Joubert, is shortlisted for Nielsen Booksellers' Choice Awards.

Nielsen Booksellers’ Awards Shortlisted Book It is a shock when she sees Gustav again at one of the baron’s many functions. The hardships of the war, however, has taken its toll and there is little left of the once beautiful and rich woman. He did not recognize her immediately. She makes an effort to ensure that it stays that way because the humiliation would be too much for her with her calloused hands, her dull hair and her skinny body.

Ikarus by Deon Meyer

Nielsen Booksellers’ Awards Shortlisted Book On December 17th, the body of Ernst Richter was exposed at the dunes beyond Parklands – Ernst Richter, alleged internet entrepreneur and the owner of the contentious site Alibi.co.za, disappeared inexplicably a month ago. Even in normal circumstances the Hawks, Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido, would have struggled because at Alibi.co.za everyone lies through their teeth. But circumstances are not normal. Griessel has started to drink again and Cupido is in love. December 24th, a young viticulturist confessed to a lawyer in Cape Town which turned the entire case on its head. Christmas will never be the same again. 

Death by Carbs

Nielsen Booksellers’ Awards Shortlisted Book   Banting culture, otherwise known as the HFLC lifestyle (high fat, low carb), spearheaded by Professor Tim Noakes, has exploded in South Africa. The Real Meal Revolution (Quivertree, 2013), has sold more than 200,000 copies and is still picking up speed. Noakes is constantly in the news for his controversial, game-changing theories. His new book on infant nutrition has just launched as an instant bestseller in SA, and The Real Meal Revolution has gone global, launching in the UK in August. In this hilarious novel, Paige Nick prods and pokes at both the fans and the detractors of South Africa’s biggest dieting craze.


The SA Booksellers Association is delighted to announce the shortlisted finalists for the 2016 Booksellers’ Choice Awards. In alphabetical order, the following books have been shortlisted: Death By Carbs by Paige Nick (published by Bookstorm) Ikarus by Deon Meyer (published by Human & Rousseau) Immer Wes by Irma Joubert (published by LAPA Publishers) Little Suns by Zakes Mda (published by Random House South Africa) Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery by Sally Andrew (published by Random House South Africa) Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi (published by Jacana Media) The overall winner will be announced at the Sefika gala event on Tuesday 30 August. For the official press release from Nielsen please click here. For more information on […]


Logos Hope has arrived and opened to the public on the 24th of June at V&A Waterfront, Jetty 2, the last of five ports she is visiting in South Africa. She sailed the furthest south since launching into operation during her voyage to Cape Town. As she sailed into port, crew members were welcomed by the vast marine life and the beautiful scenery including the notable Table Mountain. Read more here.


Ons neem met hartseer afskeid van die bekroonde digter en skrywer Adam Small wat op 25 Junie 2016 in die ouderdom van 80 oorlede is. Lees meer oor Adam op Litnet.


Following the success of the 2015 World Book Day (WBD) event the SA Booksellers Association continued to spread the power of reading in celebration of World Book Day 2016.

International literacy assessments have provided ample data for ranking nations, charting growth, and casting blame. Summarizing the findings of these assessments, which afford a useful vantage from which to view world literacy as it evolves, the book World Literacy, How Countries Rank and Why It Matters by John W. Miller and Michael C. McKenna, “examines literate behavior worldwide, in terms of both the ability of populations from a wide variety of nations to read and the practice of literate behavior in those nations,” reads the introduction to the book published by Routledge.


By Jessica Taylor, published here with thanks to Biz-community.com The expansion of Van Schaik Bookstore into neighbouring countries dates back to 2006 when it opened its first store in Windhoek at the University of Namibia. The second Namibian store was opened in 2012 at the Oshakati Campus. More recently, the bookstore opened a branch in Gaborone, Botswana at Fairgrounds Mall, followed by four shops in Swaziland – three at the local university and one at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, in July and October, respectively. This affords Van Schaik the opportunity to service students from the respective universities, tertiary learning institutions and schools in surrounding areas, as well as those studying through correspondence. Here, Stephan Erasmus, MD of Van […]


Members of the SA Booksellers Association and the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) gather once a year to discuss matters pertaining to the industry, to be inspired by guest speakers and to catch up with the latest trends on both a local and global scale. This year the co-located AGM’s and the celebratory Sefika and Booksellers Choice Awards will take place in Cape Town, at the Vineyard Hotel on the 30–31st August.

The first three months of every year marks the celebration of words and books, with International Mother Language Day on the 2nd of February, World Read Aloud Day on the 24th of the same month, World Book Day on the 23rd of April and of course book fair giant London Book Fair also in April. All the celebrations and festivities prompted Bookmark to take a look at an important aspect of improving literacy that has been getting more and more attention at literary events: Translations.


Although we may be watching slightly less television per day than we did in 2000, our eyes, in the words of our mothers, are definitely still getting squarer. According to We Are Social 2015, South Africans are now spending twice as much time again on web-based media as they do viewing television. Online video views are growing at a tremendous rate, now accounting for a quarter of our web activity, a close second to social media activity. Apart from watching traditional 2D video recordings, viewers can now easily dip into live streaming video content as it is being recorded, as well as watch interactive video, 3D video, and immersive content such as VR (Virtual Reality) video and 360 degree video.


The public library was once seen as one of the greatest inventions of the modern age—a physical representation of the Enlightenment-era belief that citizens should be able to have free and equal access to knowledge. Over the years, libraries became temples to the printed word and the buildings that they were housed in were often monumental spaces of grandiose design. Today, the library’s role is changing from that of a quiet sanctuary of books to a community hub with information on offer in varying formats from books to digital solutions, and they have even grown beyond their walls so that people can interact with them from home.

The Digital Book World conference took place in March and though the printed book was very much the prom queen, the four major American tech companies of our age were likened to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse of the event.


The annual Bologna Book Fair was scheduled for the week before London which gave overseas visitors a rare chance to visit both as, normally, they are several weeks apart – making the cost for S.A. Publishers and Booksellers prohibitive (or rather even more prohibitive than they already are).


The tenth annual Franschhoek Literary Festival was another resounding success – a culmination of perfect weather; enthusiastic bookaholics; outspoken authors and informative, entertaining and challenging events. Read more here.

Check this out for another good example of local libraries working with their constituents: “The internet is littered with advice columns on how to look your best during a job interview—and for men dressing to impress, this usually includes wearing a tie. But what happens when a cash-strapped guy doesn’t have the funds to purchase the necessary neckwear?

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Death By Carbs by Paige Nick

Ikarus by Deon Meyer

Little Suns by Zakes Mda

Immer Wes by Irma Joubert

Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery by Sally Andrew

Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi

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