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Editions at Play, a joint e-books publishing venture between Google Creative Lab Sydney and the design-driven publishing house Visual Editions, which launched this week. With the mission of reimagining what an e-book can be, Editions at Play brings together the author, developers, and designers to work simultaneously on building a story from the ground up. They are the opposite of the usual physical-turned-digital-books; rather, they’re books that “cannot be printed.”
The concept reminds me a bit of those adventure stories my brother used to read when we were young where you could choose different paths through the book. Check out Fast Company’s article on it here.

Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu today unveiled the DigiTruck; a solar-powered, mobile multi-purpose IT unit funded by Deloitte Belgium which will bring ICT innovation and education to rural and vulnerable communities which would have previously been dependent on the electrical grid.

Read more here.

BBC World Book Club will be at the Book Lounge to record one of their popular programmes on the 10th March. The World Book Club invites the globe’s great authors to discuss their best known novel. This monthly programme, presented by Harriett Gilbert, includes questions from World Service listeners. Tan Twan Eng will be in Cape Town to discuss his novel The Garden of Evening Mists.

Organisers have asked that readers interested in attending the event will have read the book as the show is an interactive one, and depends on questions being put by audience members to the author. They ask that those who are going to participate each send in one question that they would wish to ask the author. The BBC will also be bringing in questions that have been submitted from around the world.

The programme will air on 7th May.

Contact the BookLounge if you would like to participate via email at: booklounge@gmail.com

With little over a month to go until World Read Aloud day on the 24th of February, Rebecca Bellingham reminds us of the importance of reading aloud to kids. Read more about Rebecca on TedX Talks.

Watch the talk in the window below.

A recent study done by the University of Texas at Arlington shows that “exchanging handwritten letters strengthens children’s literacy skills and family ties.”

Read more about the study on Phys.org

If you’re in Germany and want to get rid of an unwanted gift, publisher Bastei Lübbe and bookseller Hugendubel can help. This duo set up book vending machines where you can give away an unwanted Christmas gift in exchange for a brand new book.

Read more on Publishing Perspectives

The Corner Bookshop has been in business since 2007. We spoke to Rizana Gani about this Johannesburg bookshop.  Read more…

Books & Books has been in business since April 2006. We spoke to Janine O’Connor about this special Durban bookstore. Read more…

The Global Kids Connect conference, organized by Publishers Weekly and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and held December 2 in New York City, offered a wide-ranging look at the impact of digital media, physical books, trends, and the future of reading in a global children’s and young adult book market - Calvin Reid. Read more on Publishers Weekly.



Seven-year-old Athandiwe Sikade of Khayelitsha in Cape Town has been announced the winner of Nal’ibali’s storytelling competition, Story Bosso. The competition, designed as a nationwide talent search to get people of all ages excited about reading and telling stories, invited members of the public to send in audio or video clips of themselves reading or telling their favourite stories. Read more here.

The Classroom of the Future was a much talked about theme at this years Frankfurt Book Fair. The Fair was open to the public on the last two days and youth, dressed up in their favourite literary or comic book characters flooded into the Fair. The classroom of the future was a key point of interest. The installation portrayed a vision of the future where small groups of children worked together on nine explorative tours in five different subject areas where they created machines out of LEGO, scanned seashells to be printed in 3D, and told their own stories using sound. The whole installation was led by a hybrid textbook of the future, and it is this small detail that is most exciting. Read more…

Reaching over 18 000 people and collecting over 2 000 stories from South Africans across the country in just one month, the Nal’ibali storytelling competition, ‘Story Bosso’, has helped drive literacy change in homes and communities throughout the country by reviving the lost era of storytelling. Read more…

Open Access Week – celebrated internationally during the third week of October – is a highlight on the LIASA calendar. Libraries have always been and still are about providing access to quality information for a better educated nation, which in turn leads to an empowered society with a higher life expectancy. Information needs to be kept open, for people to remain informed and to engage in self- and lifelong-learning, and to empower themselves.

Read more…

The Open Book Festival (OBF) ran from 9 to 13 September and attracted just over 9 800 people and 166 participants to the core programme. There was a strong international presence this year, with 26 participants from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, China, Nigeria, France, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Festival goers experienced true Cape Town weather with a day from every season, but come heat, rain or wind, the OBF was set to be a success. Read more…

National Book Week (NBW) was launched in 2010 and started as a joint initiative between The South African Book Development Council (SABDC) and The Department of Arts and Culture (DAC).

Read more…

From as little as 30 attendees and almost no funds in 2014, the Eastern Cape Book Festival (ECBF) has grown to 200 literary-hungry attendees in 2015 with the promise of big things still to come. We spoke to Selome Payne, festival co curator and owner of Poetree Publications about what the buzz is all about and what the future holds.

Read more…

Business model innovation is a topic that most businesses and industries have been grappling with since the rise and growth of all things digital – e-commerce platforms, mobile consumption, or social engagement to name just a few. In its most basic form, business model innovation is the development of new, unique products and services to support and grow an organisation’s financial viability and the steps or processes necessary to deliver on these products and services for sustainable future growth.

Read more…

Die wenners van die Rapport Boekpryse en Jan Rabie-Rapportprys vir 2015 is vandag aangekondig. Die wenners is as volg:

  • Buys deur Willem Anker (Kwela) – kykNET-Rapport Boekprys, Fiksie
  • Nagmusiek deur Stephanus Muller (Fourth Wall Books) – kykNET-Rapport Boekprys, Niefiksie
  • Ester deur Kerneels Breytenbach (Human & Rousseau) – kykNET-Rapport Boekprys, Film
  • Nagmusiek deur Stephanus Muller (Fourth Wall Books) – Jan Rabie-Rapportprys

Lees meer op Bookslive.

If you are in France and want a quick read before the busy day ahead, stop at one of the eight short story vending machines. Read more on Publishing Perspectives.


The publishing director of Jonathan Ball Publishers, Jeremy Boraine gives us five reasons why books in SA are so expensive. Read more on Publishing Perspectives.

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