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SA Booksellers Bookselling Programme

The SA Booksellers Association is proud to announce the completion of an online Bookseller’s Programme.  The association has worked with Tuit, an online learning service provider, to publish the learning material online. The courses are now ready and available via Tuit online course shop.

There are a total of 11 courses all of which can be done as separate modules for the cost of ZAR 1 600 per course, covering the various aspects of Bookselling, they include:
  1. The Bookselling Landscape
  2. Bookshop Marketing
  3. Bookshop Customer Service
  4. Bookshop Design
  5. Digital Bookselling in SA
  6. Legal Requirements for Bookshops
  7. HR for Bookshops
  8. Book Knowledge
  9. Children’s Books
  10. Book Buying
  11. Bookshop Operations
Course information:
  • Each course costs R1 600
  • SABA members are entitled to a 50% discount. Members must email saba@sabooksellers.com to receive their discount code before registering
  • Purchase and registration takes place via the Tuit Shop
  • The courses run online, via Tuit Online Learning, where students are in regular communication with a student manager, for communication and assistance, throughout their study journey.
  • Courses vary in length, view on shop for each in more detail.
The Association hopes that this course will assist booksellers around the country to improve their knowledge of the trade and all its processes, from curating the perfect selection to daily operational matters.
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