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Photo: Elmarie Stodart (left) of Jonathan Ball Publishers receives the SA Book Award on behalf of Sam Beckbessinger

South African booksellers voted for Sam Beckbessinger’s Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup as their favourite book to sell in 2019. Their favourite Trade Publisher was Penguin Random House, and favourite Academic and Educational Publisher Oxford University Press. Berlut took the honours as Best Small Educational Publisher.

Publishers in turn honoured Bargain Books as Best General Bookseller of the year, with Love Books acknowledged as best Independent Bookseller. Protea books walked away with the Best Academic Bookshop accolade, and Books 24/7 with the prize for Best Educational Bookseller. The Best Library Supplier in 2019 was Hargraves.

Publishers also paid posthumous tribute to Stephen Johnson, former MD of Penguin and Random House, and Lieze Kotze, MD of Oxford University Press, for their lifetime contribution to publishing in South Africa.

All the winners

Sefika Publishers Award winners 2019

National Academic Bookseller 2019 – Protea Books
National Educational Bookseller 2019 – Books 24/7
National Trade Bookseller (Chain Store) 2019 – Bargain Books
National Trade Bookseller (Independent) 2019 – Love Books
National Library Supplier 2019 – Hargraves Library Services

Sefika Booksellers Awards winners 2019

National Trade Publisher 2019 – Penguin Random House South Africa
National Academic Publisher 2019 – Oxford University Press South Africa
National Education Publisher (Large) 2019 – Oxford University Press South Africa
National Education Publisher (Small) 2019 – Berlut Books

SA Book Awards winners 2019

Favourite Bestselling Adult Fiction Title –
Prooi by Deon Meyer
Favourite Bestselling Adult Non-Fiction Title –
Manage your money like a f*cking grownup by Sam Beckbessinger
Favourite Bestselling Children’s Title (Fiction and Non-Fiction) –
Klein kook en geniet by Eunice van der Berg

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